About the Stanislaus Green Team

The “Stanislaus Green Team“, a program of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, is a collaborative effort between private businesses, municipal and county solid waste divisions, economic development professionals and the community of Stanislaus County.

The purpose of the Stanislaus Green Team is to create a nexus between commerce and environment and to enhance the delivery of the Modesto Chamber services that address economic, environmental, and quality of life issues in Modesto and Stanislaus County. In November 2012, the Chamber embarked with this program by collaboratively searching for regional solutions to challenges facing Stanislaus County and their businesses with regards to assembly bill A32. Simply put, by assisting businesses in “Going Green” will not only reduce their costs of doing business, but it will also help environment and move the Stanislaus County economy forward.

Linden Coffee
SGT Chairman
American Recycling

Linden Coffee is employed with Amercian Recycling. He has been participating in the San Joaquin Green Team for the last 5 years and shortly thereafter helped to establish the Merced Green Team. Linden has played an influential role in bringing the Valley Green Team program to Stanislaus County and now serves as the Stanislaus Green Team Chairman. He has a genuine enthusiasm for helping businesses learn how to practice green sustainability and reduce the cost of doing business. His hard work and dedication is much appreciated.

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