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Frito-Lay & Crystal Creamery get Green Certified!

Rikki Keenan-SchmeeckleGreen TeamCoordinator,Digital MarketingManager, Membership Services& IT Administrator The Stanislaus Green Team wants to congratulate Frito Lay and Crystal Creamery for certifying as a green sustainable company through the Stanislaus Green Team program. Each company completed a checklist of tasks that incorporate green sustainable practices that helps contribute to the improvement of the environmentand [...]

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Six Economical Ways to Green Your Business

A Green Team is a formal or informal group of employees of a given company who gather to discuss and act upon issues of environmental sustainability, both within the company and through external organizations. A Green Team tends to be formed to effect change around a company’s internal operations or external practices, or both. The following steps will help you [...]

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Save your business money and be Green.

Rikki Keenan Schmeeckle Green Team Coordinator Digital Marketing Manager, Membership Services & IT Administrator Office-based businesses spend too much on paper and toners. If you must print try non-branded toners. Private-label and re-manufactured toners are often 70 percent cheaper and work just as well, a savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars, with no upfront costs. Set a [...]

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