QuestionWhat are the time and location details of the Stanislaus Green Team Meetings?
The Stanislaus Green Team was formed by the Modesto Chamber of Commerce to help inform businesses of the AB 32 California requirement to reduce green house emissions. At the meeting businesses from all over Stanislaus County network together and discuss green ways to save money and be environmentally smart. There is always a field expert speaker at each meeting that will touch on many different topics of green stewardship.
QuestionHow can my business start the process of becoming "Green Certified"?
To become "Green Certified" you need to schedule an assessment visit with our REACON team. It is a 20 to 30 minute visit of introductions and tour of your facility. You will be given a 7 page checklist to complete that covers different areas of environmental stewardship. Upon completion of the checklist you will be recognized on many different marketing levels and be presented with a Green Sustainable Business Certification plaque. To schedule a REACON visit call Rikki Keenan at 209-366-3377 or 209-577-5757 Ext. 103.
QuestionDoes it cost anything to become "Green Certified"?
No, Modesto Chamber members will receive their assessment and certification free of charge.
QuestionWhat is AB32?
AB 32 is an assembly bill requiring California businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020, returning them to 1990 levels.The proposed policies for reaching the 2020 emissions target include:

  • Renewable energy standards
  • A requirement to lower global warming emissions from transportation fuels
  • Stricter efficiency standards for buildings, appliances, and vehicles
  • A carbon cap and pricing program that would limit emissions from the state’s largest global warming pollution sources