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The REACON Team is the outreach arm of the Stanislaus Green Team. The team is comprised of local industry experts who are educated in the areas of recycling, energy, air conservation and in the newest technology practices.
There are a few area’s in which the REACON team is focused. These are:
  1. Outreach: As an outreach group of the Stanislaus Green Team program, the REACON Team will proactively visit small to large size businesses to share and promote cost-saving “green” practices at their place of business.
  1. Green Assessment and Certification: They will provide a REACON assessment, that when completed by the company and green practices implemented, then reviewed by the REACON team, will qualify the company to be “Green Certified”.






A Green Business…

•Can lower the cost of doing business
•Improves employee morale and the health of the workplace
•Holds a marketing edge over the competition
•Is recognized as an environmental leader

Get recognized for being Green
It is completely voluntary and there are no fees involved!

Going through a Stanislaus Green Team assessment checklist and visit shows that your company or organization has completed green policy and is currently implementing green practices in each area of environmental conservation. These areas include: Solid Waste, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation and Air Conservation. Completing these practices will show a documented effort that your company or organization is striving to be compliant with California’s AB32 bill. The goal of this bill is to reduce green house emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. The completion of the checklist will qualify your company or organization to be recognized with a “Green Sustainable Business Certification”. It will help market your leadership in Recycling, Policies Practices, Air Conservation and Water Conservation. There are no fees involved and it is completely voluntary.

Below are many of the marketing benefits from obtaining a Stanislaus Green Team certification on behalf of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce.

  • A Green Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to officially present a Green Sustainability Certification plaque.
  • Website recognition on the SGT and Modesto Chamber of Commerce website
  • Featured in the Modesto Chambers Progress Magazine (circulation to over 5,000).
  • Recognition at Stanislaus Green Team Meetings
  • Recognition on SGT Printed Marketing Material
  • Recognition at Annual SGT Events (Easy Being Green Weekend, Go Green with the Nuts, Earth Day in the Park, Business to Business Trade Show, Arbor Day, Before and After Business hours etc.)

Stanislaus Green Team Process

  1. Schedule a REACON visit date – You will receive a SGT binder / flash drive with an assessment checklist. The checklist is divided up into Solid Waste, Energy Efficiency, Air and Energy Conservation sections. The visit takes approximately 30 minutes. Call 209.577.5757 Ext. 103 to schedule.
  2. Develop a company / organizational green team. Delegate checklist tasks to individual members of the team. Document as much proof as possible for each area into the clear sleeves provided in your SGT binder.
  3. After the checklist is completed and section documentation is collected, the SGT REACON team will perform a review. Upon acceptance of the documentation review approval by the REACON team your company / organization will be deemed certified.
  4. A Green Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be scheduled and a Green Sustainable Business Certification plaque will be presented. We will then market your certification as stated above.

    For more information or to schedule your certification:

    Contact John Villines: Phone: 209.366.3377 or 209.577.5757 Ext. 103,
    Email: John Villines. We will work with you and help you go through the necessary steps to meet the Green Business Certification Standards.